The discount code can only be used in the web shop unlessotherwise stated in your confirmationemail. The discount cannot be used with otherpromotions, discounted items, discounts or gift certificates. The discount codecannot be applied to already concluded orders. The discount code is valid for 2months from the date of issue of the discount code. The discount is distributedproportionally to all goods in the order, covered by the promotion (delivery costsexcluded).

These terms apply to our Customer Club. Membership of our Customer Club is free andnon-binding, and you can unsubscribe at any time. You must be at least 16 years ofage to be a member of our Customer Club. If you are under the age of 16, you cansign up for our Customer Club by sending a signed confirmation from a parent orguardian to By registering, you agree that BESTSELLER A/S (Fredskovvej5, 7330 Brande, Denmark, CVR 88216512), BESTSELLER Handels B.V. (Sint Jorissteeg 2,1012 XV Amsterdam, Holland, CVR 59896604) and VILA A/S (Stilling Kirkevej 10,Stilling, 8660 Skanderborg, Denmark. CVR 67756819) (hereafter referred to as“BESTSELLER Companies”) may send you marketing material. Yourconsent includes marketing materials from the brand you sign up to and itssub-brands and any of the brands that you  later select via your customerclub profile.

Our marketing materials are sent via email, SMS, MMS, mailand social media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. and relateto:

  • Our current and futureproduct range, including clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, textiles, homeaccessories, designs, toys, magazines and thelike
  • Offers, sales,competitions, as well as events and other marketing initiatives from our onlineshops and stores or our partner stores.
  • Information about itemsyou have added to your wish list via your online shop customer account or placed inyour online shopping cart.

You further agree that this consent may be used to sendrequests for you to update your consent to include other relevant products, brands,business partners or communicationchannels.

You may unsubscribe from our Customer Club at any time andrevoke your consent to receive marketing material by following the instructions inthe messages we have sent to you, by contacting usat, or by submitting a contact form that can befound HERE. Please be aware that if you have subscribed to receiveinformation regarding several brands, the withdrawal of your consentregarding one brand will not affect the consent for any other brands thatyou have subscribed to. You therefore have to unsubscribe from each brandindividually.

The BESTSELLER Companies are joint controllers in relation to the CustomerClub.

Your personal data is processed in accordance with ourgeneral privacy policy, which you can findHERE.

1. What is your information usedfor?
We use your personal information to manage the Customer Club and send you marketingmaterials, including promotions, news, invitations, etc. In order to optimise yourshopping experience, we strive to send you marketing materials that match yourinterests and to send you customised newsletters, such as birthdaygreetings.

2. What information do we process aboutyou?
We process the information you provide us in connection with your registration for acustomer club and when you update your profile. This will include your name, email,and age, as well as your mobile number if you choose to provide it.
We also collect information about your purchases and other activities on our onlineshops, including items in your shopping cart or items on your wish list. We collectthis information from BESTSELLER Handels B.V., which is responsible for our onlineshop. In addition, we measure your activity in connection with the receipt of ournewsletters.

3. On what basis do we collect your personalinformation?
The collection of your personal data is based on your consent when you sign up forour Customer Club.

You may withdraw your consent at any time, or object to theprocessing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes. To do so, you cancontact us at If you do that, we will no longer send you marketingmaterials or other information based on yourconsent.

4. Our use of dataprocessors
Your personal data may be transferred to external partners (data processors) whoprocess the information on our behalf - for example, by posting our newsletters toyou, or by storing your personaldata.

The following data processor(s) can handle and/or storeyour personal data in countries outside theEU/EEA:

  •, USA (thedata transfer is safeguarded by EU Commission’s Standard ContractualClauses)
  • Facebook, Inc., USA (thedata transfer is safeguarded by EU Commission’s Standard ContractualClauses)
  • Google, Inc., USA (thedata transfer is safeguarded by EU Commission’s Standard ContractualClauses)

5. How long do we keep your personaldata?
Your personal data will be deleted when we no longer need it, and when we are nolonger required to keep it by law.

If you opt out of our Customer Club, we will automaticallydelete all information that we are no longer required to keep it bylaw.

6. Your rights and remedies,etc.
As a data subject, you have certain rights, including the right to access theinformation we have registered about you.
You can read more about your rights and possible remedies in our general privacypolicy.