Our outerwear styles offer many functionalities benefiting your child and we have made it easy for you to find the right choice. Below, you will find the four most important features. Use the scale to match your needs.


Waterproofness describes a material's ability to resist water and is measured by water column pressure in millimetres.

The water column pressure indicates how much water a product can withstand. The higher the pressure, the more waterproof your outerwear is.

The number of drops indicate the waterproofness of the outerwear.


Breathability is a term used to describe a textile's ability to transport moisture vapour and is determined by how easily it can pass through the fabric.

The higher the number, the more moisture vapour can pass through the fabric, making the product more breathable.

The number of arrows indicate the breathability of the outerwear.


All children are unique, but some naturally feel warm, and some feel colder.

Our collection is divided into levels representing the insulation abilities of each product.

The number of snowflakes indicate the warmth of the outerwear.


Durability is measured by a material's ability to resist friction before breaking.This is measured using the Martindale abrasion test.

The higher the number, the better the durability. All our technical outerwear is meant to be used and is designed to be durable.

The number of arrows indicate the durability of the outerwear.



The great features do not stop here. In addition to our four main qualities, you will also find other important features like; Welded Seams, PFAS-Free and much more.


PFAS are a large group (10-12,000) of chemical substances that have good water and dirt-repellency effects. However, they also have unwanted effects on us as consumers and do not break down in nature. Therefore, we/NAME IT decided early on that we do not want to use PFAS and would rather use a solution based on branched polymers to ensure effective water repellency.

Windproof Icon

This feature prevents the cold wind from penetrating the garment. Whether it's a breezy day at the park or a windy walk by the sea, the windproof feature provides essential protection.

Fully taped seams Icon
Fully taped seams

The fully taped seams ensure complete waterproof protection when having fun in the rain.

Partly taped seams Icon
Partly taped seams

The most exposed seams, such as shoulders and crotch, are taped for waterproof protection.

Welded seams Icon
Welded seams

Welded seams are used in Polyurethane rainwear for complete waterproof protection when exploring nature on rainy days.

Insulated sitting area Icon
Insulated sitting area

The sitting area is layered with aluminium to provide insulation, keeping your child warm while sitting down.

Membrane Icon

A technical membrane is a special layer added to fabrics. The primary function of the membrane is to make the garment waterproof and windproof, keeping the child dry and warm. Despite this, it's also highly breathable, allowing perspiration to escape from the inside to the outside, preventing overheating and maintaining comfort.

Reinforcement at the knees and seat Icon
Reinforcement at the knees and seat

The reinforcement on the knees and seat is an additional layer on the most exposed areas of the garment for extra fabric strength when playing and sitting.

Reflective detail Icon
Reflective detail

Our reflective detail feature is designed with safety in mind. This feature increases visibility in low-light conditions.

Magic print Icon
Magic print

The magic fabric changes completely when it gets wet and a print appears - enjoy the magic of rainy days and watch as the print emerges.

Ski details Icon
Ski details

This feature includes elements such as snow skirts and special pockets for ski passes, enhancing convenience and functionality on the slopes. Whether your child is a beginner on the bunny hill or an experienced skier, our Ski Details feature makes their skiing experience smoother and more enjoyable.

Detachable faux fur Icon
Detachable faux fur

The faux fur element on this garment is detachable, making washing straightforward. This removable feature not only simplifies cleaning but also provides versatility. By attaching or removing the faux fur, you can effortlessly customise the garment's look to suit different occasions.

Down padding Icon
Down padding

Down padding for warm and lightweight insulation. No live-plucking or forced feeding of birds has taken place, and the welfare of animals has been respected during the entire production process.

Water-repellent Icon

This feature ensures that water droplets roll off the surface of the garment rather than soaking in. ECO Water-repellent treatment gives you a guarantee that fluorine substances have not been used to make the product water-repellent.

Windproof ear panel Icon
Windproof ear panel

A windproof ear panel is placed in functional headwear where it protects the ears from wind, keeping them warm and comfortable.

Reversible Icon

The reversible feature makes it possible to create an entirely new look by simply turning the garment inside out.

Quick dry Icon
Quick dry

This feature effectively wicks away moisture from the surface of the garment, allowing it to evaporate rapidly.

Packable Icon

This feature allows the garment to be folded or compressed into a compact size. Whether you are planning a family trip or a day out, the Packable feature ensures your child's outerwear can easily fit into a backpack or bag, ready to be used when needed.

Adjustable waist

With this feature, you can easily tailor the fit to your child's specific needs, ensuring they can move, play, and grow with absolute ease and confidence.

Adjustable/detachable suspenders

The suspenders can be easily adjusted to provide the perfect fit for your child. And if you find that you don't need them, they can be effortlessly detached and stored away.

Adjustable/detachable foot straps

Foot straps for a comfortable fit around the foot. The foot straps are detachable if not needed.

Fold-up feet

Fold-up feet on a baby garment are flexible covers that can be unfolded to protect and keep the baby's feet warm.

Fold-up mittens

Fold-up mittens on a baby garment are flexible covers that can be unfolded to protect and keep the baby's hands warm.


Ensure the gloves or mittens stay attached when not in use to prevent them from getting separated.

Magic touch

The magic fingertips allow for touchscreen usage when exploring the great outdoors.

Name label

The name label allows you to write your child´s name inside the garment keeping track of your child’s belongings.

Snow skirt

A snow skirt is designed to prevent snow from entering the jacket during active use. It is an internal elasticated waistband that securely fits around your hips or waist. It is an essential feature for skiing and other winter outdoor activities.

Snow cuffs

The stretchy snow cuffs prevent snow and wind from entering and ensure comfort and warmth when having fun in windy weather and the snow.

Thumbhole cuffs

The thumbhole cuffs prevent the sleeves from sliding up and ensure warmth and comfort when playing outside.

Storm cuffs

The storm cuffs prevent wind from entering and ensure comfort and warmth when having fun in windy weather.

Zip guard

The zip guard is an extra layer of fabric at the top part of the zip, preventing the zip from having direct contact with the skin.

Magic fabric

The magic fabric changes completely when it gets wet and a print appears - enjoy the magic of rainy days and watch as the print emerges.

Ski pass pocket

Our ski pass pocket is secure and easily accessible, allowing you more time to enjoy the slopes. It's the small details that can make a big difference during your skiing experience.

Recco reflector

The RECCO reflector inside our outerwear makes you searchable by organized rescue teams searching with RECCO detectors.

Adjustable leg opening

With our adjustable leg opening, you have the power to customize the fit to match the size of your boots or even ski boots.


The seamless garments have no visible stitches or wrinkly seams, creating fewer lines underneath the clothes and ensuring comfort.

Bionic-finish® eco water-repellent treatment

ECO Water-repellent treatment gives you a guarantee that fluorine substances have not been used to make the product water-repellent.

Inner straps

Straps on the inside allow you to wear the garment like a backpack if you get too warm.

Zipper for ventilation

This feature allows you to quickly unzip for a burst of fresh air, giving you the opportunity to create ventilation when feeling too warm.