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Discover Stylish Girls' Cardigans

Cardigans are a fun way to play around with fashion, no matter your age! NAME IT’s collection of girls’ cardigans is brimming with choices that cater to all tastes and preferences, whether it be a classic knitted option or something vibrant and fun.

One of the key features that make our cardigans for girls so special is their versatility. Cardigans can seamlessly transition from one season to another, keeping your little one both snug and stylish. In cooler weather, they provide an extra layer of warmth over dresses or tees, and as the temperature rises, they make for a stylish cover-up over a darling summer dress! So, what are you waiting for? Explore the endless possibilities of cardigans now!

Girls' Cardigan Styling Tips for Every Occasion

Cardigans make getting ready in the morning a piece of cake. They can easily be thrown on for an extra layer of warmth or form the base of a cute outfit. Here are some of our favourite ways to style our girls’ jumpers:

  • Pair a cardigan with girls’ leggings for a relaxed and cosy look that’s perfect for lounging in at home. A pair of girls’ sweatpants works just as well!
  • For an easy-peasy school ensemble, wear a versatile girls’ black cardigan with one of our girls’ jeans or girls’ cargo trousers. She can easily take it off if she gets too hot during playtime.
  • Cardigans work for every season, too. You can pack a cute girls’ white cardigan for the beach in case the wind gets a bit chilly during the evening, or even use it as an extra layer over her festive girls’ occasion dress.
  • For your little one, our baby girl cardigans will look adorable styled with something from our baby collection, like a baby bodysuit or baby dungarees!

Selecting the Perfect Size for Your Girl

Now that you have an idea of the cardigans we offer, let’s talk sizing! When choosing the perfect size for your girl, consider consulting our size guide, where we show you exactly how to measure your child and how to apply those measurements when choosing a size. With just a little bit of help, you can choose from a whole range of sizes for girls of all ages when shopping online at!

Care Instructions for Long-Lasting Elegance

All our kids’ cardigans are made with high-quality materials like cotton and wool, meaning that they require some tender love and care to look their best after your kid's daily adventures. Cotton is super easy to care for, and we recommend washing it on a gentle cycle to maintain its softness. Wool requires a little bit of extra attention, so it’s best to hand wash your wool cardigans using a mild washing liquid. Remember to always consult the care instructions on the inside of the garment if you have any doubts. By following these steps, you can ensure your girl’s knitted cardigan looks brand new each time she wears it!

Why Choose NAME IT for Girls' Cardigans?

Comfort, safety, and playful design are things you can expect when you choose NAME IT’s girls’ cardigans. Our girls’ knitwear is inspired by the playful, fun-loving spirit and boundless creativity of children and is made to last, making them durable pieces that your child can enjoy year after year. From neutrals and pastels to bold stripes and bright colours, there’s a cardigan for every little girl.

Browse our collection and choose from a wide range of styles, including options for girls of all ages, and become a member of our Customer Club to receive discounts and even more fashion tips directly into your inbox. Shop online at today for a seamless and stress-free shopping experience!