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Boys' Jumpers and Sweaters by NAME IT: Comfort and Quality

Knitwear is a wardrobe essential year-round, providing warmth and comfort no matter the season. At NAME IT, we design Scandinavian-inspired boys' knitwear for children of all ages, drawing inspiration from their loving and carefree spirit. Our boys’ jumpers and sweaters are made to be versatile and easy to style and take care of, perfect for kids with busy and active lifestyles. Explore our collection of boys’ jumpers in bold, bright colours and exciting prints that are guaranteed to make getting dressed in the morning much more fun!

Styling Tips for Boys’ Jumpers

At NAME IT, we offer a large selection of different styles for children of all ages. For the tiny ones, we have soft and cosy baby boy jumpers and sweaters, and for the older ones, we carry knitwear with cool graphic prints and even images of their favourite Disney friends. Whatever age you’re shopping for, you’re sure to find it at NAME IT! Below, you’ll find some of our favourite styling tips for boys, whether it’s for everyday wear or special occasions:

  • Casual playdates: If they’re heading to a playdate or just spending time at the playground, go for a comfortable yet stylish look. Pair one of our boys’ sweaters with our boys’ jeans or boys’ leggings for ease of movement.
  • Coolest at school: Stand out at school with a fashionable yet practical outfit. Combine a jumper with some on-trend boys’ cargo trousers and a pair of comfortable trainers they walk comfortably in all day.
  • Family fun: For special events like birthdays or family gatherings, dress your boy in knitwear that’s slightly more polished and style it with some boys’ trousers. Layer a shirt underneath and let the collar peek out.
  • Outdoor adventures: Make sure your kid is prepared for exploring the great outdoors with a warm fleece or jumper. Combine it with some durable, water-resistant trousers, making sure to layer with our boys’ socks and tights for extra warmth.
  • Seasons greetings: ‘Tis the season, so get in the Christmas spirit with our range of boys’ Christmas jumpers! Choose from lovely festive prints, or get the whole crew together and don our matching crazy Christmas knits!

Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Boy

Now you’ve found the style, let’s talk about sizing! When choosing the perfect size for your son, take into consideration the additional layers he may need to wear underneath their jumper to ensure that he can move and play freely. Make sure it’s not too loose around the wrists and neck to prevent any cold drafts from sneaking in. We recommend consulting our size guide, where we show you exactly how to measure your child and how to apply those measurements when choosing a size. With just a little bit of help, you can choose from a whole range of sizes for boys of all ages when shopping online on!

Care Instructions: Keeping Your Boys’ Jumpers in Top Shape

To get that extra season of wear out of your new boys’ sweater, make sure to take good care of it. Our knitwear collection is available in lots of different materials, including cotton and wool. Cotton is especially easy to care for, and we recommend washing it on a gentle cycle to maintain its softness. Wool requires a little bit of extra love, so it’s best to hand wash your wool jumpers using a mild washing liquid. With these tips, your new boys’ knitted jumper will look amazing after each and every wear!

Why Choose NAME IT for Boys’ Jumpers and Sweaters?

Our design ethos is based on the playful, fun-loving spirit and boundless creativity of children. With that in mind, we offer boy’s jumpers in all sorts of colourful and printed options alongside timeless neutrals. Whether it’s classic stripes, a vibrant green, a fun animal print, or something with a fun texture, we want your child to express their unique personality with knitwear that sparks their imagination.

We’re always committed to putting your child’s comfort and safety first in our designs. Our boys’ knitted jumpers are made from soft and breathable materials like premium cotton and wool that are delicate on your kid’s oh-so-sensitive skin. Our products are made to last, making them durable pieces that your child can enjoy year after year.

Elevate Your Boy’s Wardrobe with NAME IT

Comfort, safety, and quality are things you can expect when you choose NAME IT’s kids’ jumpers and sweaters. Our Scandinavian-inspired designs celebrate the carefree and loving nature of children, allowing them to express their unique sense of style while staying nice and warm all year round. Browse our collection and choose from a wide range of styles, including options for boys of all ages, and become a member of our Customer Club to receive promotions and fashion news directly into your inbox. Shop online at today for a seamless and stress-free shopping experience.