At NAME IT we would like to set a good example and contribute to accelerating fashion’s journey towards a sustainable reality. We believe that some of the most powerful tools to become even better are teamwork and knowledge sharing. We aim to minimise the negative environmental impacts in our supply chain as much as possible and work to ensure that our final products are suitable and comfortable for the children who will be wearing them. We have set out an ambitious strategy to increase the use of fibres that re branded and certified in the future and put a special focus on organic cotton, as it is cotton that has the largest proportion of all fibres used in our collections. Branded and certified materiels are proven to have less environmental impact on the climate when compared to conventional materials of the same category. Examples of this could be the preservation of water resources, using renewable energy and safer chemicals during production. Read more about the materials here. 

We use at least 50 percent of these materials in the products in this category, unless the fibre does not support a high percentage of certified and branded material due to quality issues.