Our special features and functionalities not only ensure your child comfort and add a practical element, but also elevate the specific garment and add a cool touch to the style. The different functionalities exist across a wide range of products so your child is dressed for anything no matter the season, occasion and weather. Find out more about what characterises our functionalities and explore each element in detail and gain an insight in your child’s clothes.

Practical functions

Adjustable foot straps/ foot loops/ waist/ shoulder straps/ braces

The adjustable elements such as foot straps, foot loops, waist, straps and braces ensure a perfect fit and high comfort when exploring countryside or city.  

Detachable faux fur/ hood/ foot loop/ foot straps 

The detachable elements such as faux fur and hood are easy to remove and allow for an uncomplicated wash. At the same time the removable details add a fresh touch to the garment either by attaching or removing them making it simple to create a new look that suits any occasion.    

Fold-up mittens  

The fold-up mittens are cuffs closed at the ends to fold over the hands keeping them warm and comfortable.  

Fold-up feet   

The fold-up feet are hems closed at the ends to fold over the feet keeping them warm and comfortable. 

Ring and hook    

The ring and hook feature makes it easy to attach the mittens and gloves when not in use keeping track of them.   

Magic touch    

The magic fingertips allow for touchscreen usage when exploring the great outdoors.   


The reversible feature makes it possible to create an entirely new look simply by turning the garment inside out.      

Packable in pocket      

The special pocket on the style itself makes it possible to pack the garment ensuring an efficient and easy transport and storage.        

Packable in bag     

The bag that is included makes it possible to pack the item ensuring an efficient and easy transport and storage or used as a cool everyday tote bag.          

Name label     

The name label allows you to write your child´s name inside the garment keeping track of your child’s belongings.        

Zip-off legs    

The zip-off trouser leg feature makes the garment versatile and is ideal for change in temperatures and weather conditions.        

Functional features

Snow skirt

The snow skirt is an extra layer at the bottom of the jacket to keep out snow and wind. It has an elasticated hem and press studs at the front for a perfect fit and an easy fastening when playing in the garden or on the slopes.

Insulated sitting area 

The insulated sitting area is padded with aluminium for insulation and warmth when sitting still.  

Snow cuffs  

The stretchy snow cuffs prevent snow and wind from entering and ensure comfort and warmth when having fun in snow and windy weather.     

Thumbhole cuffs   

The thumbhole cuffs prevent the sleeve from sliding upwards and ensure warmth and comfort when playing outside.       

Windproof ear    

The windproof ear is placed in functional headwear where windblockers protect the ears from wind keeping them warm and comfortable.       

Zip guard      

The zip guard is an extra layer of fabric at the top part of the zip to prevent it from taking hold of the skin.         

Reinforcement on knees and seat      

The reinforcement on knees and seat is an additional layer on the high-pressure areas of the garment for extra fabric strength when playing and sitting.           


The membrane is an extra layer placed between the lining and shell fabric making the garment waterproof.            


Garments certified with this icon are tested throughout an entire season by active kids in an outdoor kindergarten.             

Magic fabric           

The magic fabric changes completely when it gets wet and a print appears - enjoy the magic of rainy days and watch as the print emerges.              

Non-skid feet            

The non-skid feature on the bottom of socks ensures a better grip on the floor surface and works as extra cushioning for comfort.                


Welded seams  

The welded seams are used for Polyurethane rainwear for a complete waterproof protection when exploring nature on rainy days.  

Fully taped seams  

The fully taped seams ensure a complete waterproof protection when having fun in the rain.  

Partly taped seams   

The partly taped seams are placed on critical areas such as shoulder and crotch seams to prevent water and wind from penetrating when playing in the great outdoors.    



The seamless garments have no visible stitches and wrinkly elastic bands creating fewer lines underneath the clothes and ensuring comfort.    

Water-resistant layer 

The water-resistant layer in bibs keeps drool and food from seeping through the bib making it easier to keep your child’s clothes clean.   

BIONIC-FINISH® ECO water-repellent treatment  

The ECO water-repellent treatment gives you a guarantee that fluorine substances have not been used to make the product waterproof.