Checklist: The most important things for your hospital bag

Complete packing list for your birth

What do you need to pack in the birth bag when baby soon arrives? Whether you are a mother or a mom-to-be, it can be difficult to assess what to bring and what to leave at home. We have made a checklist for you to easily and clearly pack the essential things so you and your baby get the best start on life. You can download the checklist at the bottom of the page, so you can cross the main items of the list while you're packing your hospital bag.

When do I need to pack the bag?


The best thing will be that the bag is pre-packed and ready if you suddenly are in labour pain or water break. You can choose to pack the bag with the most essential items, and if you slowly are going into labour, you can pack the more practical things, which you can see, at the bottom of the list. Many start packing their hospital bag in week 37, but it is up to you how and when it should be ready. Below you can see our suggestions on a specific check list for the hospital bag.

Things for baby

Baby clothes

If you want to dress your baby in something else than the clothes the hospital offers, you can bring 4-7 pieces of clothes. Bring along clothes that fits the season and the temperature, so that your baby doesn't get too warm or cold. Bodysuits in the sizes 50 or 56 with short or long sleeves is a good starting point. At NAME IT you can find different bodysuits - a wrap bodysuit would be a good choice for a new-born, as it's easy to dress your baby as you don't need to get it over your baby's head. Besides that it would be a good idea to bring along soft trousers with elastic band, a jumpsuit, nightwear, socks, a beanie and gloves, if it's very cold on your way home from the hospital. 93,5% of our sweat/jersey baby clothes is made of organic cotton and without various chemicals and colour, so if you're preferring organic, you can easily find organic styles at Remember to wash newly purchased baby clothes to avoid unwanted chemicals - this also applies even if it's organic, as there can be some residue from the production.


Sleep sack or pram suit

Choose a sleep sack that fits your car seat. The sleep sack can be nice to have, if it's cold on your way home from the hospital. If you already have a sleep sack for the pram, you can buy a pram suit, which you baby can wear in the car in the cold months.



There are many shared opinions about whether a new-born should have the opportunity to get a dummy. Some believe that one should wait with giving new-borns a dummy until after 14 days so that the little one learns a good sucking technique, while babies who cry a lot or have a large nursing need can get joy from a dummy. You can always bring a dummy and then decide whether it's necessary for your baby.



Not all hospitals offers free diapers to new-borns, but you can check that by calling the hospital before the birth. If you are unsure about which brand or size you need to buy, there are plenty of diaper-tests online. Otherwise you can try and see what is best for your baby.


Fabric diapers

You can never have too many fabric diapers - especially not when you have a new-born. Make sure that you have plenty as you will probably use more than the first thought. With advantage, you can wrap a fabric diaper around your body and wear it a little at home before giving birth, or you can put it in you bed, so it will smell of you. Most babies find peace by lying with a mother or father-scented fabric diaper. The you have free hands to take a bite food or a short pee break.


{size=14px}Baby duvet

In some hospitals you have to bring your own baby duvet, but if you are in doubt, you can always ask your midwife for advise. If you need to bring your own baby duvet, remember to bring a newly washed duvet cover. You can advantageously (like the fabric diaper) wrap the duvet cover on your body so that the cover captures your scent before your little new-born needs the duvet for the first time. Bring, if necessary, an extra duvet cover if an accident should occur on the cover.


Child safety seat

If you have a car, a child safety seat is a must. Most baby equipment store can guide you to find the right car seat for your little one.


Baby blanket

You can choose to bring a baby blanket that you can wrap your baby in. If you haven't already purchased a baby blanket, you can find our soft baby blanket here.

Dinge für den Papa


Da du nicht weißt, wie lange die Geburt dauern wird, empfiehlt es sich, auch für deinen Partner Ersatzkleidung mitzubringen, falls ihr länger in der Klinik bleibt als erwartet. Packe Ersatzkleidung ein, wie zum Beispiel ein Hemd, das Papa einfach öffnen kann, wenn man ihm zum ersten Mal sein Baby auf die Brust legt.



Je nachdem, wie lange du in der Klinik oder auf der Entbindungsstation bleibst, möchte sich dein Partner sicher frisch machen. Packe Artikel wie Shampoo, Duschgel, Rasierer, Deodorant, Feuchtigkeitscreme, Zahnbürste und Zahncreme und andere benötigte Hygieneartikel ein.

Nu er du klar til at pakke fødselstasken

Nu hvor du har fået listen, kan I begynde at forberede jer på den store dag. Listen er vores bud på de vigtigste ting til en fødsel, men der kan selvfølgelig være andre ting, du gerne vil medbringe til din fødsel på hospitalet. For at gøre det nemt og overskueligt for dig at pakke, har vi lavet listen som PDF, så du nemt kan udskrive listen og krydse hvert punkt af, efterhånden som du pakker fødselstasken. Det er også muligt at tilføje dine egne punkter.