Wool (includes wool cotton and merino wool)

With its many qualities, wool is a perfect match all year around. When the weather is cold, it retains heat and keeps children warm while it absorbs sweat in hot surroundings. Wool even preserves its power to insulate when wet, always maintaining a stable body temperature.

name it’s wool collections are made from the softest fabrics such as meriono wool, which is known for its fine and soft fibers. This makes our wool products breathable and comfy to wear.

They all go in the washing machine at 30 degrees Celsius at the delicate washing cycle.

Every wool garment is produced in accordance with our comprehensive restrictions for responsible fashion and is of course mulesing free.


Although name it’s wool is very soft and doesn’t scratch children’s skin, you may feel safer with cotton next to your child’s skin. Then you should choose the woolen styles with cotton inside and merino wool outside. This quality also features a WY blend of wool and polyamide which causes the wool to peel less.