Outerwear guide: Find the perfect outerwear

5 important functionalities

Finding the perfect outerwear can be difficult with a lot of technical information to consider.

That's why we help you focus on the 5 most important outerwear qualities:


Waterproof - Breathable - Windproof - Warmth - Durability


Whether it's puddles as deep as oceans, mud as slippery as soap, rain as persistent as parents,

or wind as strong as horses, our technical outerwear collection is designed to withstand it all.


#1 Waterproof

Waterproofness prevents water from entering and keeps your child warm and dry while at play.

All our technical outerwear is waterproof from 3000 - 10,000 mm - and is an absolute must in your child's wardrobe for those inevitable rainy days.


3,000 mm is ideal for changing weather with occasional showers.

5,000 mm is for stronger occasional showers and unstable weather

8,000 mm is for long-time heavy rain and sitting on wet surfaces.

10,000 mm is for all-day pouring rain and staying out in more extreme weather conditions.


Look for the waterproof icon if you have a rain or snow-defying child because staying dry is essential for a fun outdoor experience.

Psst.. Did you know that 3000 mm waterproof outerwear is actually perfectly adequate for most children's daily needs?

Or that all our waterproof outerwear styles are PFC-free, so your child is protected from toxic chemicals.


#2 Breathable

No matter the weather, breathable outerwear is important for your child's comfort and ideal for any kind of active outdoor activity - from skiing on the slopes to playing in kindergarten. Breathability allows fabric to absorb moisture and release it, letting both the outerwear and your child to "breathe". Breathable outerwear boosts your child's outdoor play and comfort, but as every child is unique, the guiding recommendations for breathability vary according to climate, activity level, fluid intake and perspiration. Look for the breathable icon if you have a curious and active child. Staying dry and comfortable is important for creating great outdoor memories.

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#3 Windproof

In a seemingly never-ending windy season, windproof outerwear is essential for your child. This provides greater insulation as it prevents cold air from entering as well as body heat from exiting. This keeps your child warm during all kinds of outdoor activities. All our technical outerwear styles are windproof, keeping even the strongest wind gusts out. This makes our whole selection suitable for outdoor activities in all kinds of weather - from playing with friends to sledding in deep snow. Look for the windproof icon if you have a child who can't wait to go racing the wind, and when staying warm and safe is essential for great outdoor experiences.

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#4 Warmth

No matter your child's favourite activity preferences, warm outerwear is always a good choice. Warm outerwear captures your child's body heat and helps keep your child warm during long-term outdoor play. Our warm outerwear is suitable for all kinds of colder weather and for everyday activities. But as every child and climate are unique, the recommendations for warm outerwear vary according to your child's individual activity level and preferences. Tip: if your child is cold or too warm, you can always add or remove extra padding or layers to ensure your child's comfort. And, if you live in a colder climate, always remember the important inner layer. Look for the warmth icon when keeping warm should be possible no matter how cold the weather forecast is.

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#5 Durability

Children's ongoing imaginations make great demands for durable outerwear. That's why all our technical outerwear styles are born to be worn and designed with a high level of durability. Durable outerwear can withstand a lot of wear-and-tear, meaning that the fabric can resist many activities without breaking. This lets your child have a lot of unconcerned fun for a long time. Look for the durability icon if you have a child who likes to explore, and when it's essential that your child's outerwear is born to be worn.

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