Which snow suit should I choose?

5 good reasons to choose a snow suit from NAME IT

It can be difficult to figure out which snow suit to choose for your child when it needs to tick all the boxes and be both waterproof, windproof, breathable, durable and warm. The technical terms used to describe the many different outerwear functionalities can also be tricky to navigate - but don't worry, we've simplified that bit for you. We've developed 5 icons to make it easier to find the snow suit that meets your child's needs and allows him or her to enjoy the outdoors in all kinds of weather. Below you can read about these 5 icons and what they mean.


Don't let bad weather get in the way of fun activities. All our snow suits are PFC-free so your child can enjoy many hours of outdoor play without having to worry about toxic chemicals in the fabric. We have waterproof snow suits that meet every need. Waterproofness up to 3000 mm is ideal for light rain and changeable weather. Up to 5000 mm is for heavy showers and unpredictable weather. Up to 8000 mm is for prolonged heavy rain. Up to 10,000 and 20,000 mm are for pouring rain all day. All our snow suits have either critically taped seams or fully taped seams - that is, waterproof tape that ensures that water can't penetrate the seams. That way, your child can jump in puddles and dance in rain without worrying about getting wet.

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Windproof outerwear is one of the best ways to make sure your child can comfortably enjoy the outdoors. All our snow suits are windproof, which makes our entire collection suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities, regardless of the weather conditions. Outerwear is windproof when it prevents the wind from penetrating the fabric by means of a tight weave or membrane. This provides better insulation and keeps your child warm in all kinds of weather.

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It's not enough that your child's outerwear is warm - it must also be breathable to ensure optimal comfort and insulation. Breathable outerwear absorbs and releases moisture so your child won't feel sweaty and instead can focus on the fun things they're doing. Breathability is measured in how many grams of water can penetrate the fabric per square meter over 24 hours. Our breathable snow suits range from 500 g/m2/24h to 4000 g/m2/24h. The higher the number, the better the breathability. If you have an active child who loves to spend a lot of his or her time outside in all kinds of weather, we always recommend a snow suit with high breathability.

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No matter what kind of activities your child prefers, warm outerwear is always a good choice. Warm outerwear traps your child's body heat, has an insulated seat surface and keeps your child warm during prolonged outdoor play. As each child and each local climate is unique, the recommendations for warm outerwear vary depending on the individual child's activity level and personal preferences. With a snow suit from NAME IT, you ensure that your child stays warm on windy and snowy days.

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Is your child more adventurous than most? Then you'll need durable outerwear. All our snow suits are designed to be highly durable and are made to be worn. With durable outerwear, your child can play and have fun without any worries.

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Which one should I choose?

NAME IT's snow suits all have detachable hoods, detachable and adjustable foot straps, taped seams on the bottom and reflective details. Our snow suits have lots of great qualities, but in the end choosing a new snow suit comes down to your child's needs and activity level, as well as price and your local climate. If your child loves to spend lots of time outside in all kinds of weather, a snow suit like SNOW10 would be a great choice, but SNOW8 might also meet your criteria. Here you'll find an overview of NAME IT's outerwear to help you easily and quickly find the right snow suit for your child.

When do you use the snow suit?

There's no right or wrong time to pull out the snow suit, but it's most commonly worn during the winter season when the weather is unpredictable. If your child spends a lot of his or her time outside, it makes sense to keep the snow suit handy, even if snow and frosty temperatures aren't on the forecast (yet) - you never know what the day will bring!

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