What is softshell?

Softshell jackets and suits are the perfect outerwear for kids who love to be active on the playground and in nature. Softshell has become popular in many families as well as in daycares and schools, as softshell outerwear has many great properties and is often used in-between seasons, where the weather shifts between warm and cold temperatures. Many parents often choose softshell as outerwear for their kids, as softshell is versatile and has lots of practical advantages.

Which benefits does softshell have?

Softshell outerwear has many benefits, and therefore it comes as no surprise that it's often the preferred choice in daycares and schools. If you have children who love to be active in nature, it's necessary to have high-quality outerwear. Softshell is often the obvious choice, as the outerwear is both waterproof, durable and breathable. In addition, all our softshell suits have a detachable hood, detachable and adjustable foot straps, taped seams on the seat surface and a YKK zipper. All our softshell outerwear is PFC-free so your child can enjoy many hours of outdoor play without having to worry about toxic chemicals in the fabric.

  1. Benefit 1 - Windproof

    Your child can play freely outside on windy days in our softshell outerwear, as all our outerwear is windproof. The tight weave and membrane in the outerwear keeps the wind out, so your child can just focus on having fun.

  2. Benefit 3 - Breathable

    When you have active children, it's important to wear outerwear that's breathable. All our softshell is breathable, so when your child jumps or runs, the outerwear releases excess moisture and ensures that your child stays dry throughout the day.

  1. Benefit 4 - Durable

    If you have children who are very active, it is important to have outerwear that can withstand most wear and tear. Our softshell suits are re-inforced on the knees and bottom, so your child can give it their all on the playground.

  2. Benefit 2 - Waterproof

    All our softshell outerwear is waterproof up to 8000 mm, which means it can be used even in prolonged rain. The surface of the material is treated to withstand rain and bigger showers.

When to use softshell?

Softshell is known for being one of the most versatile types of outerwear, as softshell can be used during those times of year when the weather is most unpredictable. Softshell outerwear is most often used in spring or autumn when the weather isn't yet too hot or too cold. If you want to make use of your child's softshell outerwear for longer, your child can wear a fleece layer as a middle layer.

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