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Winter is a magical time for kids, filled with snowball fights, sledging down hills, and building snowmen that come to life in their imaginations. To ensure your little adventurer stays warm and dry while he conquers his snowy kingdom, you need the right gear, and that's where NAME IT comes in. Our boys’ snowsuits are designed to keep the fun-loving spirit of children alive while offering top-notch protection from the elements.

Discover NAME IT’s range of snowsuits for boys of all ages and sizes, including babies and toddlers and children aged 6 to 14. We understand that kids want to have a blast in the snow, and we've got them covered. From cosy wholesuits to softshell onesies and boys' ski suits, there’s a boys’ snow suit for every climate and occasion. Browse our selections of prints and patterns to find something that suits your little boy’s unique sense of style.

Warm and practical boys’ snowsuits in many cool styles

Snowsuits are essential when it comes to cold-weather dressing. A snowsuit is a one-piece or two-piece outfit designed to keep your child warm and snug during the snowy winter months. It's like a cosy cocoon that shields them from the chill while they continue to discover the great outdoors.

When it comes to boys’ snowsuits, one size definitely doesn’t fit all. That's why NAME IT offers a wide variety of styles to cater to your child's unique preferences and needs. Whether your little explorer loves the idea of a whole suit, prefers the versatility of separates, or is gearing up for some serious skiing action, we have something that will match their personality and provide the protection they need.

Our baby boy snow suits come in one-piece designs with zipped fronts that make impromptu nappy changes easy as pie. For the slightly older ones, our toddler boy snowsuits come with details like reflective patches that make them visible in low-light situations. The bravest of them all can take their pick from our boys’ ski jackets and ski trousers in eye-catching designs that make a statement on the slopes.

From classic designs to bold prints, vibrant colours to understated tones, NAME IT's boys' snowsuits have something for every taste. Our selection includes cool colour-block designs, fun abstract patterns, and exciting animals and cars. No matter the adventure, NAME IT has a boys' snow suit that's perfect for your child.

Winter-proof your child with high-quality and durable materials

At NAME IT, we believe that quality is non-negotiable, especially when it comes to keeping your child warm and dry in the winter. That's why we use only the very best fabrics to create our boys' snowsuits. Functionalities like breathability and insulation are key when choosing winter outerwear, and we’ve summed up the most important things to look out for when buying a snowsuit.

  • Breathability is crucial for active kids who work up a sweat while having winter adventures. Our snowsuits are designed with breathable fabrics that keep your child comfortable, even during high-energy activities. No more stuffy and sweaty snowsuits that leave your child feeling uncomfortable and clammy.
  • Waterproofness is another essential feature of our boys' snowsuits. Snowball fights and rolling around in ice castles can get messy, but our snowsuits will keep your child dry on the inside. Taped and welded seams are key elements that help us do this.
  • Windproof outerwear is a game-changer when it comes to staying warm in the winter. Our snowsuits are engineered to block out biting winds, ensuring that your child stays toasty no matter how chilly it gets outside.
  • Other details like insulated sitting areas and reinforced knees and seats make kneeling down and digging in the snow so much more comfortable and prevent your little one from complaining about a sniffle after a long day of playing outside.

Complete their winter look with a hat and a pair of gloves

Expand your child’s winter wardrobe with the right accessories. Add an extra layer of warmth with our boys' wool clothing. Wool is another excellent fabric to have on hand during the winter, as it’s ultra-warm, insulating, and easy to care for. Our boys' socks and tights are also non-negotiables when it comes to layering underneath their outerwear.

We also offer a range of stylish accessories like boys' beanies and gloves that perfectly complement our boys' snowsuits. Your child can choose from a variety of colours and designs to match their new gear and express their unique sense of style. Our accessories are not only fashionable but also functional, keeping your child's head, hands, and feet warm in the coldest of weather.

Winter is a time for exploration and creating unforgettable memories, and NAME IT is here to make sure your child does it in comfort and style. Our boys’ snow suits are designed in fun-loving colours, prints, and designs and come in high-quality fabrics that prioritize breathability, waterproofness, and windproofness. Gear up and let your child's imagination run wild in the snow with NAME IT's range of boys’ snowsuits.