Washing a snow suit: How to take care of your child's outerwear

Whether you've bought an expensive or a cheap snow suit for your child, it's always a good idea to take care of the outerwear in the best possible way, as this will ensure that your child can enjoy their outerwear for a long time. Below you can read our best tips on how to wash and dry the snow suit to extend the life of your child's new outerwear.

Wash less

Be kind to the environment and your outerwear. Fewer washes will keep the outerwear in good condition, as every wash will affect the waterproofness of the fabric. If necessary, use a damp cloth to remove dirt.

Wash gently

For water-repellent outerwear, we recommend using a special detergent that refreshes the water-repellent treatment.

Liquid detergent

We recommend using a liquid detergent when washing the outerwear, as liquid detergent can easily be washed out of the fabric and leaves less soap residue.

Fabric softener

We don't recommend using a fabric softener when washing the outerwear, as it will most likely reduce the fabric's breathability.

Hang to dry

Always hang to dry if possible. It's better for the environment and for the technical outerwear. Tumble-drying can reduce waterproofness and breathability.

Drying cabinet

We don't recommend drying the outerwear in a drying cabinet, as the heat can affect the taped seams and reduce waterproofness.

Waterproofing spray

We do not recommend using a waterproofing spray, as it can reduce the breathability of the outerwear. It's not good for the environment either.

Faux fur

Remove the faux fur before washing. Brush it regularly to keep the faux fur fluffy.

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