1. What is recycled polyester?

    Recycled polyester is primarily made from plastic bottles collected from consumer waste. By using recycled polyester in our clothes, we help to reduce the amount of plastic waste.

    How is recycled polyester made?

    Recycled Polyester is made from pre- or post- consumer waste, usually discarded water bottles or textile manufacturing waste, that is collected, washed or shredded, processed and finally re-spun into new polyester fibres that can be used to make new garments.

    Can recycled polyester be recycled?

    Recycled polyester can be recycled, but each time it is melted and converted into new recycled polyester, the molecular structure of the polyester will become weaker, thus degrading the quality of the material.

    Why choose recycled polyester?

    When buying recycled polyester rather than conventional polyester, you are helping to recycle the plastic that would otherwise end up in landfills or in the ocean. The use of recycled polyester also helps save the natural resources that would be used to produce virgin polyester. Because of this reason, recycled polyester will be a more sustainable choice over conventional polyester.

    What is the difference between recycled polyester and conventional polyester?

    Recycled polyester is polyester made from raw materials which have already been used once, then recycled and re-spun into new polyester fibres; whereas virgin polyester is made from non-renewable natural resources.

    Can recycled polyester shrink?

    In general, polyester fibres (virgin or recycled) do not typically shrink as it is very shape-stable. The shrinkage of either the garment itself or the fabric depends on how it is knitted or woven. Therefore, we always recommend that you follow the washing instructions found in the specific garment. This way, you are sure that the clothes will last longer.

    How does recycled polyester feel?

    Although there is a difference between the underlying production method of recycled polyester and conventional polyester, there is no noticeable difference in how the textile type feels.