1. Better denim

    At NAME IT we aim to minimise the environmental footprint of our supply chain as much as possible. By doing this, we work to ensure that our final products are suitable and comfortable for the children who will be wearing them. We have a goal of increasing the use of better materials in the future. Therefore, we have created Better denim - jeans that have a lower environmental footprint, and are made with more sustainable materials from thread and textiles to buttons and labels.

    What is better denim?

    Better denim is made from a blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester, which carries a lower environmental footprint. Less water, energy, and harmful chemicals are used in the production of the product, compared to a pair of conventional jeans. Our Better denim is made using:

    — Less water consumption

    — Less energy consumption

    — Organic cotton

    — Recycled polyester

    — More sustainable processes are used in production

    More sustainable trims such as:

    — Pocket lining - 100% organic cotton

    — Sewing thread - 100% recycled polyester

    — Zipper tape - 100% recycled polyester

    — Badges and tags - Water based PU

    — Buttons and rivets - more sustainable (Prym L.I.F.E)

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